lørdag 19. juni 2010

Bittersweet love

"Who do you love?"
The girl asked the tree

"I love the sun, the bird and the bees,
I love the sweet wind that whispers to me,
and I love how the fresh air makes me feel free...

I love the green medows, its softness, its smell
I love how the earth makes my roots feel well
I love the sweet story the river tells
I cherish the magic within every cell

My dear girl, who do YOU love?"
Asked the tree

The little girl paused, looked down at her feet
The question suddenly felt bittesweet
she could hear her own heart and how loud it beat...

"My love," Said the girl, "is locked deep in my chest,
It is safe down there, and I feel it's the best,
'cause with the love of another I will not be blessed"
She stopped right there, would not give up the rest

And she straightened her back, would not show her tears
As she walked away with her grief and her fears
ignoring the wind caressing her hair
regretting how she'd let down her guard right there

As she left, the tree said to the birds and the wind
"There goes a girl with all to win,
but she's throwing away almost everything....

How would you call that living?"


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