torsdag 29. juli 2010

Having Tea

She said she needed to let go sometimes
show her weakness, not be strained
I told her which tea to drink, and smiled
unwilling to talk about fear and pain

He forced down my guard and took me apart
And with such grace and finess
Like pandoras box I opened in trust
And my ghosts flew out and created this mess

Poor your hot water on sugar and tea
Let it set and cool just a bit
Smell the calming aroma and let yourself go
And I'll sit down beside you and knit

And we'll talk about the old times
Just the good times, pick up the threads
And you wont cry, and I won't be weak
And we'll agree and nod our heads

My box may be open, and I'm haunted deep down inside
But your company is soothing, and I've got a place to hide


3 kommentarer:

  1. <3 Stor suss te deg! So bra skreve;) *rørt*

    Klem frå Ree:)

  2. Nydeleg!! Kjempebra skrive!